Live Webcasting & Video Streaming

Nizami's World offers complete range of webcasting & streaming solutions to broadcast audio-video content through the Internet using narrowband and broadband.

Streaming Media / Web Casting has taken internet by the stride. It is sending audio and video media files over the internet from one computer to another so that the media plays as it is being delivered. 

Also nowadays online meetings & education learing has became a daily routine. Technologies like Video Conferencing, Web Conferences, Webinars, Screen Sharing, platform for video and audio online web meetings, online schools & colleges, cloud learning and webinars across mobile, desktop & tablets has proved to be cost effective & affordable for everyone.

What are Different Types of Video Streaming & Webcasting Services?

Our Webcasting & Video Streaming Services Include :

  • Streaming Media – Audio & Video

  • Live Web Casting & Live Video Streaming

  • Video on Demand

  • Video Conferencing

  • Content Capturing

  • Content Archival

  • Mobile Streaming

  • Video Encoding Services

  • Video Hosting Services

  • Webcast / Streaming

  • Media Consultancy

  • Pay-Per-View Webcast

  • Chat for Live Broadcast

  • Media Server (FMS) Hosting

  • Windows Media Server Hosting

  • Webcast Load Balancing

  • Video Production

  • Live Mobile Webcasting / Streaming

  • Web Conferencing / Web Meeting

  • Zoom Meeting & Conferences

  • Online Webinars

  • Online Education Learning

  • Consultancy for Online Schools & Colleges

  • Consultancy for Conducting Online Meetings

  • Youtube Channel Management

  • Youtube Monetization

  •  Facebook Live

  • Youtube Live

Do you want to know how implement, use online meeting & education services in your organization?

Why Webcasting & Live Video Streaming ?

Save Time : Even the best presenter's cannot be everywhere at once and your audience cannot always be in the same place at once. Streaming & Webcasting lets you deliver your audio & video immediately, across cities, states & countries without constraints so all interested parties in every location can participate at the same time.

Save Money : No airline tickets, no hotel bills, no rented facilities and there are more other ways you will pay less because streaming is a highly efficient way of distributing up to the minute information and other corporate communications.

Save Days : Streaming lets you archive your live event and make them available to anyone, anywhere. This handy feature means your investment keeps paying off over long term.

Extend Communication Reach : Communicate to everyone across time and geographic boundaries. Archiving enables everyone in your organization to watch or listen even when out of office.

Communicate in One Voice : It ensure everyone hears the same message from the same source eliminating any confusion or rumors.

The potential cost saving benefits associated with streaming media are enormous. Properly implemented streaming media can translate into gains productivity and elimination of expenses that can create a rapid return on investment for corporations.

In addition it is changing the way people see the world today, streaming media is providing new and easier ways of communicating between continents, cultures, business & people everywhere on the earth.

We are based in Mumbai - India & We do provide services pan India & across the world. If you have any questions, queries, please feel free to contact us.